2020-2021 Arkansas Duck Season Primer

With all that has gone on this year, I am not sure there has been a more anticipated opening day of Arkansas’s duck season than 2020. Here is the latest and greatest summary plus some food for thought.

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One Smart Dog!

This will be the final article in the series about certain mistakes we as trainers make from time to time, and how to avoid them. Sometimes, dogs can surprise you with just how smart they are at figuring out your system!

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SPONSORED: Does Your Hunting Partner Need Different Nutrition than Other Dogs?

Waterfowling dogs burn calories just standing still and keeping warm, not to mention when they’re bounding into action.

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Keep Them Guessing

Chris Yielding of Backwater Cypress Retrievers shares some pro tips on mixing up your retriever training routines.

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Avoid Teaching Unwanted Behavior

Chris Yielding of Backwater Cypress Retrievers shares some pro tips on training your retriever to prevent issues down the road.

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Wings Over The Prairie Canceled in 2020 Due To 'COVID-19 Crisis'

The Wings Over the Prairie Festival and World Champion Duck Calling Contest in Stuttgart has been cancelled for 2020, the city’s Chamber of Commerce announced on Thursday.

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Inside the 2020 Issue of Greenhead, The Arkansas Duck Hunting Magazine

Doubtless, an interesting season will be upon us in a few months and we’ve put together an outstanding lineup of stories for our 11th edition of Greenhead to whet your appetite.

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Photo Essay: Other Flyaways

A trip from Arkansas to fabled Chesapeake Bay provides a fresh look at the hunting tradition.

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Dead Ducks Don’t Lay Eggs

An examination of the vital impact “Super Hens” have on the health of the nation's duck populations.

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Waterfowl Management Hinges on HIP Shot

As some waterfowl surveys become COVID-19 casualties, data from the hunter-driven Harvest Information Program becomes more valuable.

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Greenhead is proud to present the Arkansas Waterfowler Hall of Fame. The creation of this program is an effort to preserve the contributions of those individuals who have gone above and beyond through dedicated time, resources and other work to enhance the waterfowl industry in Arkansas.

Nominate a deserving waterfowler today to ensure that no one goes overlooked by the judges.