Cut-Off Creek

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City or Highway Located Near: Dermott

How many access points are available to the hunting area? 4

Is a permit required? Yes

Is all your information/permit application online? No

What is the limit on shells? 15 shells no larger than No. 2 steel

Does your duck limit differ from the federal/state limit? No

Do you have controlled flooding? No

Are boats allowed at the hunting area? Yes

Are there boating restrictions in the area?
No boating allowed on Latin Drain, Firehunt Slough and Third Slough, except during high-water periods when access is possible to the Deep Slough Dam. In this case, boats may be used area wide. However, boat motors may only be used on Cut-off Creek and Deep Slough.

What are your specific duck limit regulations?
The limit is six ducks may include no more than four mallards (no more than two of which may be hens), three wood ducks, two redheads, one black duck, four scaup, two pintails, one canvasback and one mottled duck. Duck and teal species not listed have no extra restriction beyond the six-duck total bag limit.

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